Mount Vernon Blog Class

The first Mount Vernon Blog Class consists of George, Pam, Barbara, Joe, and sometimes Ray. Plus Cynthia the instructor.

Monday, December 31, 2007

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

creeks arisin'

creeks arisin'
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karen's tango#4

karen's tango#4
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Missouri Dogwood Blog

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Isn't this beautiful

Pam at Founders Day

founders day 2006 028
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

santa fe, NM, feb 2006 001

santa fe, NM, feb 2006 001
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Buffy and Pumpkin


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Thursday, June 29, 2006

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


6.22.0 – AT 7:30PM INSTEAD OF 7PM





Hello Baby Bloggers,

I hope you have been doing your homework. Actually I have been checking on you (at least the two of you who gave me your blog addresses). I know who has (and who hasn’t) been doing their homework!!!

Please make a post or two today to your blogs so that you can come to class ready to learn!

And please make a comment in the other class members’ blogs: Pam’s Blog Joe’s Blog
Ray’s Blog???—PLEASE SEND OUT THE ADDRESS TO EVERYONE Cynthia’s Blog (password is mountvernon, feel free to fool with it!)

I have also posted this email on my blog

Our first class assignment can be found here:

On Thursday we will do the following:

Review how to post to your blog
Update blog profile
Post options including comments, post addresses & good post titles
Blog options
Adding links in posts
Adding links in the template

Don’t be discouraged if you found the first class difficult. Now that you have your blog set up all you really need to know is how to POST a message. We will go over this in class until ALL of you can do this without any problems.

408 867-8875 home
417 425-0071 cell
417 471-1005 Eldorado Games

p.s. the reason class starts a bit later is because I want to go seed collecting at Woods Prairie which is right across I-44. Maybe you will want to come too? Here’s the info.

Come on out and enjoy beautiful Woods Prairie, near Mt. Vernon, MO this Thursday evening, June 22.
Ozark Regional Land Trust will be collecting seeds from the wildflowers “Shooting Star” and possibly the rare “Prairie Hyacinth” that evening from 5:00 until sunset, and we REALLY NEED YOUR HELP.
ORLT purchased Woods Prairie in 1999 and has successfully paid all its bills thanks to volunteers who have helped collect wildflowers seeds – an incredibly valuable, renewable resource produced by the prairie itself. We must keep up the fund-raising momentum, but this year, we need to collect even more seeds for use in restoring the final 6.5 acres of Woods Prairie, which will be planted this fall.
Bring a hat, water, sunscreen, some small buckets, and a couple of friends. Children are very welcome on the Prairie. A warm summer evening is a great time to get out and really see this very rare native, un-disturbed prairie up-close.
We will also be collecting seeds of many other wildflower species throughout the summer (probably again next week, depending on the whims of nature), so stay tuned.
If you are interested in helping us collect seeds this summer, but want to go out on your own, please contact me.
Thanks and we look forward to seeing you out on the Prairie!
Andy Thomas
Directions to Woods Prairie, near Mt. Vernon, Missouri:
From east or west: On Interstate Highway 44, take the Chesapeake exit (# 49) and go east (which may seem south) toward Chesapeake on Highway 174. At about 3 miles, turn south (right) onto Highway K. Proceed 1.5 miles and turn right onto Farm Road 2125. The prairie is 3/4 mile down this road on the left. You will see a dead area (6.5 acres under restoration) next to the road with the green prairie just beyond and up the hill.
From the south: At Aurora, MO, take Highway 39 going north through town, well past all the fast food, etc. to the edge of town. There is a stop sign and railroad tracks. At that point 39 goes left, but you want to continue straight ahead onto Highway K. The road may not be well-marked there, but essentially you never turn going through Aurora and continue straight north out of town. From there, continue north on Highway K roughly 8 miles and turn left on Farm Road 2125. This turn (FR 2125) is exactly 2.0 miles north of where Highway FF intersects on the left. The numbered farm roads will let you know when you are getting close. The prairie is 3/4 mile down FR 2125 on the left. You will see a dead area (6.5 acres under restoration) next to the road with the green prairie just beyond and up the hill.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Mount Vernon Blog Class is meeting right now and learning to blog. So far everyone is having a great time and making good progress.
This line is in bold and in red.
This line is really big and with the Ariel font.
Now we are using bullets and numbers lists and the Verdana font.
  • bullet
  1. number

We are checking our spelling using the little check mark tool above.OK, let's post this!
Push the "publish post" button below.